Termite is widely known by Malaysians as běk hiǎ (white ants) or anai-anai. There are over 170 species of termite, but only a handful of termites are regarded as pests. They can cause extensive damage to buildings structures, properties and crops. According to research done in 2021, the estimated economic loss associated with termite damage in Malaysia is around 100 million (USD) per annum! Termites are silent destroyers; It normally takes 12 months to 18 months beyond the initial infestation for the termite to become noticeable to the tenant. Hence, it is important to take immediate action in case of termite control before the damage becomes severe and causes an accident.

How to know if you have termite in your house?

  1. Swarmers found in your house/ shop; Stray wings of same sizes left on floors.
  2. Mudtubes found on walls, furniture or crop.
  3. Discoloured wood or bubbled-paint on supposedly dry wood.
  4. Sound hollowed when knocked on wood. Brittle wood structure, with termite gallery (tunnels) inside.
  5. Termite frass/ dropping; some termites create sand-like excretion.
  6. Knocking sounds (clicking) generated by termite while gnawing and knocking on wood
Termite knocking/ clicking sound

Not all termites are created equal in their ability to destroy wooden structures; Termites in nature doesn’t just feed on wood; but generally feeds on cellulose, which is obtained from wood, grass, leaves, humus, manure of herbivorous animals, and materials of vegetative origin (e.g., paper, cardboard, cotton). Therefore, some termites are more destructive than others!

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Termite is not something that can be treated on your own. Treating termites using the wrong chemical or not following the pesticide label may put your health and safety at risk. Termites may survive from an ineffective treatment and resurface from new spots, causing more damage to the property. Please contact your local Pest Management Company to assist you with your termite problem.

How to control termites?

1. Termite Baiting and Monitoring system

Termite baiting is an environmentally friendly way of treating termite infestations, using very small amounts of a pest-specific chemical in a non-disruptive low hazard application. It is also well-known as the Termite Colony Terminator as it can effectively eliminate termite colonies.

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2. Soil Treatment

Soil treatment is the application of termiticide onto the soil to create a barrier between termites’ nests and the building.

Modern eco-friendly pesticides are used to treat any subterranean termites that infiltrate through the treated areas. It is one of the common ways to prevent and control termite emergence.

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3. Nest Removal

Some termites nest above ground or trees. Physical removal is an option to permanently remove the source of termite infestation.