Termite Baiting Concept

Termite baiting systems exploit the natural behaviour of termites. Termites share their food and gut bacteria with their nestmates via trophallaxis. This trait allows the slow-acting toxicant inside the bait to be transferred throughout the colony. Eventually, the toxicant will reduce the termite numbers to a level that can no longer maintain the colony, which ultimately falls “sick” and dies.

Above-ground station
In-Ground Station

Benefit of using termite baiting system




  • Environmental Friendly; Small amounts of a termite-killing-chemical is applied when & where the termite is found only. This will not kill beneficial organism such as bees and earthworms.
  • Safe; Termite baits are generally consisting of Insect Growth Regulators, a mimicry enzyme/ hormone which targeting insects only. This feature makes termite baiting a safer option to be use in home, school and commercial set-ups.
  • Colony Elimination; Termite baiting has been proven to be able to kill and eliminate targeted termite nest.
  • No drilling needed; Unlike conventional termite treatment, baiting works by attracts termites to a readily accessible feeding station containing the bait matrix.
  • Monitoring system; In Ground baiting system is a good way of routinely monitoring termite activity surrounding your house. Treatment can be done before termite gets into your home.ce.

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Xterm Above-ground Baiting System
Subterranean termites in multi-level buildings are lured into Xterm AG Bait Station, then travel back to their nest to share the bait with their nestmates.
Xterm Above-ground Baiting System
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