Concept of Soil Treatment

Applying liquid termiticide to the ground will create a layer of the chemical band just beneath the building base. The chemical band is used to prevent or even to treat Coptotermes spp, the most destructive subterranean termite that nest underground.

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

Termite preventive measure on construction site. It is just like buying 5 – 7 years’ of insurance against termites.

Post-Construction Soil Treatment

Termiticide is applied to old/ readily built buildings. This step is usually done for houses that are 5 years old and beyond or when you are renovating your premise which might break the chemical barrier. It is used to extend the protective barrier in the soil against termites.

How do we provide you longer protection against termite?

APM is Authorised Altriset Applicator.

Altriset is the latest termite management technology that can offer up to 7 years of protection against termites!

Altriset is more eco-friendlier, human safe and binds stronger to the soil. The innovation works by stopping termite muscle from performing. In other words, termites can no longer chew your properties within 2 hours after crawling across the treated surface!

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