Having rodents inside your premises is not fun! Rodents are considered a pest as it carries lots of pathogens and parasites such as tapeworm, hookworm and Yersinia pestis. One of the most notorious diseases caused by rodents is Leptospirosis. Foods are frequently contaminated as they walk through the food and excrete or urinate on it. Besides, rodents damaged electrical and electronic devices by gnawing and biting on them


Rodents breed fast when we give them the environment they need to survive in wild! (or in your premises) When food is plenty and living space are plenty, a healthy female can produce about 10 times per annum (2 to 12 offspring in 1-time pregnancy). Breeding starts when the rodents are as early as 2 months old!

Sign of rodents activity in your premise

  • Urine smell and marking.
  • Dropping.
  • Black smear.
  • Pawprints.
  • Bite marks.
  • Sound of rats running.
  • Presence of burrows.
  • Presence of the rats itself.

Why rodents are an issue?

  1. Transmit diseases; rats usually serve as an intermediate host for pathogenic organisms to reproduce and develop before it was transmitted to the main host.
  2. Contaminate foods & drinks; through its urine/droppings.
  3. Damaged electrical devices & furniture; by gnawing on objects since it needs to trim its teeth as it never stops growing.
  4. Profit loss/ Extra production cost; Rodents are a huge concerns if you are doing business. Damage on raw materials or finished products can incure extra cost to your production or business. Not to mentions, having rodents could scar your business image if you are in food production and F&B business.

Types of Rodents

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How to control rodents?

1. Proofing and maintenance

Limiting the access of rodents into your premises is the most sustainable and safest way of rodents control. This is the first and the most important step to a successful and effective rodent management program.

2. Sanitation & hygiene

Limiting food sources (including rubbish) can reduce the attractiveness of your premises toward rodents. Besides, having a clean environment will increase the chance of rodents feeding on rodenticides that pest management company has installed in the area, hence, increasing the effectiveness of control.

3. Bait Stations

TRBS or EPBS are like 24/7 defence system of rodents control around your premises. The station is tamper-resistant, weatherproof, and locked for safety. Other than controlling the rodents, it is also a great CCTV system for you to monitor rodent conditions at your premises.

4. Chemical control

Rodenticide is the most cost-effective, fastest and most effective way of rodents control. Controlling rodents using rodenticide requires experience and proper management practices to ensure the control effectiveness and the safety of our customers and other non-targeted organisms (like your pets)

5. Mechanical control

Traps is a safer way of managing rodents. Traps are suitable when you encounter rodent issues in sensitive settings, where rodenticides are not suitable to be used. Plaster ceiling, food handling areas are sensitive to chemical approach but mechanical control will be best apply in these areas.

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