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Pharaoh Ants 

Monomorium pharaonis

  • Yellow-brownish in colour (abdomen/ gaster is brown to black colour)
  • Monomorphic worker; polygynous ant.**
  • Indoor nesting species; It could be found nesting outdoor in tropics (including in Malaysia)
  • These ants can utilize human buildings and resources as a nesting area, such as crack and crevices in housing, wall voids, behind the headboard, in the gap of floor skirting, even in a stash of papers.
  • Nuisance pest ant; it may bite, rarely sting

**Monomorphic: all ants in a colony are in the same size; Polymorphic: ants in a colony are in multiple sizes; Monogynous; 1 queen; Polygynous; multiple queens

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