Mosquitoes are not a pleasant guest to have in our home. Aside from buzzing around, causing annoyance, mosquitoes bite and cause skin irritations. Being an anautogenous animal, they rely on blood feeds to reproduce. Female mosquitoes bite on both human and animals.


Generally, mosquitoes can produce about up to 300 eggs per batch (The number of eggs produced varies among species and depend on blood intakes). The life cycle of mosquitoes is 7 – 14 days in tropical countries. 


Mosquitoes are known as one of several deadliest animals in the world (estimated of 2.7 million deaths worldwide annually). They are known to transmit diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, filariasis and Japanese encephalitis. Up to November 2019, there are 119 524 of Dengue cases reported in Malaysia, with 164 deaths (sourced from WHO, Southern Pacific Region dated 5th December 2019).

Types of Mosquitoes

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Aedes mosquitoes

Culex mosquitoes

Anopheles mosquitoes

How to control mosquito?


1. Automated chemical dispenser

We offer a timed and automated mosquito control program against mosquitoes indoor. The aerosol is set to spray whenever it’s necessary, ensuring a total protection in your properties all year round.


2. Fogging

Fogging service is a space treatment method to bring down the populations of adult mosquitoes at the area. This treatment performs effective mosquitoes control!


3. Larvaciding

Larvaciding is a chemical control against mosquitoes’ larvae in stagnant water. This method aims to break the life cycle of mosquitoes.


4. Mechanical barrier

  • Use of bed net during sleeping time for mosquitoes control.
  • Use of window screens to reduce the entry of mosquito inside buildings.
  • Closed windows and door especially during dusk and dawn time.

5. Source reduction

  • Remove standing water inside any potential water container (e.g. in pot, inside unused tires, inside container) to reduce potential  mosquito breeding places.
  • Close/ lid up water reserves to prevent mosquitoes from breed inside these water source.
  • Upkeep environment cleanliness; clean rubbish at the surrounding of your properties. Rubbish can hold water during rainy season which may become potential mosquitoes breeding site.
  • Clean drains and gutter constantly; Clogged drain and gutter contains water that may become mosquitoes breeding site.
  • Trim tall grass to reduce potential mosquitoes’ resting and hiding site.
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