Integrated Pest Management


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the basic and the most important concept that we, as your professional pest management centre abides when we provide our services. IPM emphasizes the selection of the most appropriate control methods, integration of collective effort and the implementation of pest management measures to achieve a sustainable economic, ecological and sociological outcome.

What to Expect From Our Expert and Professional Team?

Thorough inspections

Inspection is the first and important step in IPM. Through inspection, our technical team will identify the pest issue in your properties, the location in your property with pest infestation, the level of infestation and the potential cause of infestations. These information is crucial part and parcel of formulating a suitable pest management strategy for you.

Identify pest and potential cause

Correct identification of pest and the cause of infestation is important before formulating any treatment programme. Our goal is to manage pest problem as safely, economically and target specific as possible. Treatment done without prior correct identification of pest will not only leave your pest problem unsolved, it may also harm non-targeted insects and animals that may be beneficial to control pest in your property!

Formulate and tailor-made management strategies according to customers’ need

After the assessment on the pest condition in your property, our team will provide professional treatment and management suggestions, customized according to your needs. We do not believe in no one-size-fits-all management strategies. At the end of the day, two or more control measures will need to complement with each other in order to give the best results. We will always cooperate with our clients to come out with suitable solution to combat the pest issues from time to time.

Pest knowledge sharing

It is our job to share knowledge about pest biology and the ways to reduce pest problem to our customer. Thus, we always provide professional advice to customers during our routine service. This will not only enhance the pest management result but will also reduce the risk of having pest re-visit your property. Whenever you have question about pest, our entomologist is always there to help!

Professional treatment by licensed and trained technical team

We are here to protect your property from pest issue and we assure you our best attention and service at all time. That is why our service team are consisting of licensed professionals (Assistant Pesticide Applicator/ Pesticide Applicators) with years of experience in this industry. They are trained to sniff out pest issue, screen out potential pest-causing defects in your property and deliver a professional pest control service to you. We also have entomologist that will assist you whenever you have inquiries about the biology of the pest in your property.

Post-treatment monitoring and follow up

We keep in touch with our clients! This complementary measure is necessary to ensure that pest is under control. Our technical support team will keep track with pest condition in your property during routine services and give advice whenever it is needed.

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