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Ghost Ants

Tapinoma melanocephalum or Tapinoma indicum

  • Black colour (black head and thorax, milky greyish gaster)
  • Emit foul smell (rotten coconut odour) when crushed
  • Monomorphic worker; polygynous ant. **
  • Outdoor nesting species; can nest indoor when the indoor environment is moist
  • Commonly found in soil, rotten woods or tree parts, under flower pots, in cracks and crevices of flooring
  • Sometimes, it can be found inside water sources or forage inside powdered milk or sugar in your cabinet.
  • Nuisance pest ants; do not bite or sting

**Monomorphic: all ants in a colony are in the same size; Polymorphic: ants in a colony are in multiple sizes; Monogynous; 1 queen; Polygynous; multiple queens

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