German cockroach

Blattella germanica

  • Light creamy colour, pronotum (the part after the head) have 2 parallel, longitudinal dark brown bands.
  • Both female and male have wings; length measures around 1 to 1.5 cm
  • Female cockroach bears oothecae until the nymph (young) hatches.
  • They prefer warm and moist environment as breeding ground; They’re usually found in crack crevices of building, near the heating system, in between the crevices of kitchen cabinets or inside coffee brewing machine. It may also infest old stacks newspaper and cardboard cartons
  • General feeder, but they prefer starchy food.
  • Adult cockroaches can live up to 6 months, can produce up to 8 egg case (oothecae) per lifetime. Each ootheca may contain up to 48 eggs.

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