Bactakleen UltraMist is the world’s first 2-in-1 anti-bacterial treatment system that effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria, virus and mould spores in the air conditioning system. This revolutionary new treatment is the ideal solution to treat all air conditioning systems.

It has been proven effective to kill the COVID-19 virus by an American Government registered laboratory.

  • Safe, non-toxic and environmentally safe.
  • Clinically test proven by Chemlab, TUV, SIRIM and SGS.
  • Reduces the spread of Influenza viruses such as H1N1, SARS and the common cold.
  • Neutralizes bad odour.
  • Improves air quality and prevent Sick-building Syndrome
  • Improves air-conditioning efficiency by removing bacteria and fungi buildup in your air conditioner, thus reducing your electricity cost.

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