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Anopheles mosquitoes

Anopheles gambiae & other anopheles spp.

  • Anopheles sp. is a vector for Malaria and filariasis.
  • Adult mosquitoes are brown in colour with pale white scales on the wings and body
  • When resting, their body is held in an angle.
  • Active during dawn and night (11 p.m. to 5. 00 a.m.)
  • Breeds in marsh, freshwater ponds, mangroves, burrow pits.
  • Eggs look like a boat (with 2 wings) and are laid singly on the water; The egg can floats.
  • The life cycle from egg to adult takes around 10 days.
  • Their larvae stay horizontally on the water surface when accessing fresh air.
  • A common mosquitoes species in an underdeveloped area/ marsh area and rural area.

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