Flea is external parasite that gives harm to their host. The common hosts for fleas are cats, dogs and human. Cats’ flea under Siphonaptera order is fleas that make cat as their host. Cat flea is small in size range from 2 to 2.5mm. Their body is reddish brown to black color with shiny appearance. They have the ability to jump at long distance even though they have no wing. Their body is full with hair thus helping them to stay in host body.


In order to survive, they require blood meal just like mosquito. This host will provide them with blood meal that they need. Nevertheless, cat fleas can live more than 100 days without blood meal.

Fleas can migrate from one host to another. When cats are left outdoors, they play with stray cats that already infested with fleas. Thus those fleas migrate and attached with the cats fur. As the cats coming home, the fleas can also infested the cat owner.


Furthermore, as their life cycle from eggs to adult only takes as short as 12 to 14 days or as long as 180 days, it is important to kill fleas quickly before their life cycle can be completed and an infestation develops.

Are Fleas Dangerous?

Cats that infect with fleas will found scratch their fur nonstop as their body becomes so itchy. This will cause their skin severe redness and irritation. For human, these fleas can migrate from the cat to cat owner thus cause allergic reactions and several diseases. Fleas are known as nuisance as their ability to bite in order to get the blood. For those who do not have cats, this flea can also come from stray cats or even stray dogs.

Recommended Flea Management Tips

Blanket Spraying

  • Blanket spraying will be carried out at flooring area of infested premise such as carpets, pet bedding, furniture, and other indoor areas where the cats spends much time thus will has the highest number of developing fleas.
  • The chemical used will help to kill the fleas besides flush out all the cat flea from their hiding places
  • When fleas in contact with the surfaces sprayed with chemical, they will eventually die.

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Misting

  • ULV Misting will be done at entire premise in order to kill the fleas that may hide through cracks, curtains, carpets and the place the cats rest.
  • This is the best method that can be used as the fine particles released by ULV Machine can pass through the small gap where fleas can hide

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